Welcome to GoBouncerBot

GoBouncerBot is a Telegram Bot available at t.me/GoBouncerBot which provides a spam protection service.

How does it work?

The spam protection service restricts newly joined users and asks them to solve a captcha challenge within a predefined period of time.
A user joins a chat which uses the protective service of @GoBouncerBot.
After joining the group, the bot restricts the permissions of the user that no messages can be sent.
The bot writes a message to the new user to complete a captcha:

The user clicks on the button to open the captcha website to perform validation using captcha:

Was the validation completed successfully, the welcome message is deleted and the users permissions are reset to default which allws the user to chat normally with other users.
If the validation wasn't completed successfully within the configured time, the user will be banned from the chat for 60 seconds.

How can I use this bot?

Simply add @GoBouncerBot to your channel and add administrative permissions to it.
Newly joined users will be automatically restricted and have to solve a captcha before being able to chat.

Do you store chat messages?

No! The bot listens only for direct commands and join/leave messages.
In case of ja join/leave message, the bot temporarily saves the name of the chat and the user until the verification is done or timed out.

I solved a captcha and I am still restricted, what can I do?

In some rare cases, the command to permit a user to chat within a group may fail. In this case you can leave the chat and join the chat again to trigger a new captcha validation.
If the validation continoues to fail, please provide us feedback at GoBouncerBot Support.

You found a bug, got a warning which was generated in error or you have a question?
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